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1 (Research):4 oder 5 Kinder? 1 Kind im Krieg verloren? Falk, Marie (I6180)
2 (Research):5 Kinder Falk, Martha (I6178)
3 (Research):a mulatresse from New Orleans Taillefero, Marie Jean (I11479)
4 (Research):According to Dieter Petzold's information his name was Gottfried August, but the Taufschein of Wilhelmine Henrietta Saloga, her father's name was Adam, and I would assume the Taufschein information is more reliable. Saloga, Adam (I6173)
5 (Research):According to Dieter Petzold's information, Wihelmine was born on January 27, 1870 to Gottfried August Saloga, but the Taufschein shows her as being born on January 24, 1870 and I'm going with the Taufschein. Saloga, Wilhelmine Henriette (I6172)
6 (Research):According to Father Hebert's Book, he was born on April 19, 1897, but the Family Group Sheet says July 2, 1897. I'm going with the oldest day. Simien, Sydney (I7159)
7 (Research):According to Hilary Simien (her son) she died 10 month after he was born. So since he was born on February 19, 1940 that would put her death date about December 1940. Esprit, Mary (I5798)
8 (Research):According to Hogan-Landry's e-mail he was from Cuba Oliberos, Ursolo (I10886)
9 (Research):According to Paul Frank her name was Elbee. Bill Simien told me the name Albest. Simien, Elbee (I5350)
10 (Research):According to Paul Frank, his name was Linus Babineaux. Bill Simien gave me the name Louis Babineaux. Babineaux, Linus (I5357)
11 (Research):According to Tameka Susberry Alfred was born 1867, but R.E. Briscoe's notes in at Neville Briscoe Decendants - Reunion '09, Alfred Briscoe was born about 1869. Census from 1880 shows him as 11 years old, so I go with 1869 Briscoe, Alfred "Te Son" (I1010)
12 (Research):According to the 1860 census she should have been born about 1805 but the estate settlement for Joseph Provost (Prevost) puts her at 19 years old in 1820. So it's most likely that she was born about 1801. Provost, Marguerite (I201)
13 (Research):According to the 1900 Census, Cecilia was born in March 1888. Which birth year is correct? Demouchet, Marie Cecilia (I879)
14 (Research):According to the 1930 Census he should have been born about 1882 (48 years old in 1930), but the christening paper says he was born on June 4, 1885, and I believe this to be more accurate. Simien, Francois (I5797)
15 (Research):According to the 1930 Census of August Babineaux, Mack was 10 years old at the time of the census so he would have been born about 1920, which differs from the information at the Babinieaux family reunion in 2012. Babineaux, Mack (I956)
16 (Research):According to the Census from 1910 his name was Isabel and not Isabelle like Anthony Guillory has in his information. Isabel is more likely the correct spelling for a male. The 1870 census shows him with the name Elisabel and the 1860 census even shows him as Elisabeth as a female. And the 1860 census shows him as age 10 and the 1870 census as age 20 so I put the estimated birth year as 1850 until otherwise documented. Simien, Isabel Ethadell (I271)
17 (Research):According to the list of John Arceneaux, Alphonse Richard was suppose to be born in 1872 but the census from 1880 puts him as 3 years old which would make the birth year about 1877, which would make it more likely, because his mother was born about 1857 (23 years old in the 1880 census) which would make her 20 years old when Alphonse was born, according to the census data, which seems right and not 15 years old if the list from John Arceneaux would be correct. Richard, Alphonse (I5900)
18 (Research):Adeline must have died before June 1, 1880 because her husband Theophile Sam is recorded as widower in the 1880 Census Prejean, Adeline (I3621)
19 (Research):Although the relationship between Antoine Simien (ID7047) and his parents Marcellin George Simien and Meliza Collins is not proven, the circumstances make it very likely. Antoines wife was a Collins and his mother's maidenname was also Collins. At that time marriages within the family were very common. And Antoine also had a granddaughter Marcelline Simien (the female form of Marcellin like Antoine's father). Simien, Antoine (I7047)
20 (Research):Amelee is not on the list of children of August from the Babineaux family reunion on September 1, 2012 Babineaux, Amelee (I957)
21 (Research):Anna Bell passed away on February 8, 2014 at 6:30 PM Darjean, Anna Bell (I7921)
22 (Research):Anthony Guillory puts Clarencia's death date as December 27, 1927 and her burial date as December 17, 1927, since I don't think she was buried before her death and I don't know which date is correct, I left the day off and only put the month and year in these fields. Guillory, Clarencia (I9912)
23 (Research):Anthony Guillory show's in his report from Nov 17, 1996 that Marie Louise Guillory was born on May 6, 1748 and died on May 2, 1748 which obviously couldn't be, that would make her death date before the birth date. I assume she was born and died in May 1748 but don't no the dates. Guillory, Marie Louise (I9819)
24 (Research):Auf der Flucht aus Ostpreussen als Kleinkind verstorben Kischel, Lothar (I5929)
25 (Research):Birthday is not clear yet. The draft card says April 5, 1893 and the tombstone says May 5, 1893. Simien, George Sr (I5817)
26 (Research):Birthyear just estimated from marriage day in 1839 Lede, Sidalise (I3126)
27 (Research):Died 13 days after birth. Darjean, Delores Ann (I7834)
28 (Research):Ernest Guillory (#10670) was still living on May 25, 2018 when Joseph "Lionel" Wheeler died. That's why he cant be the other Ernest Guillory (#3847) since he was dead already in 1996 according to the obituary of Mary Dargin Guillory, Ernest (I10670)
29 (Research):Family discussions reported that Jean Baptiste Sr. arrived in the United States from his native country: Canada Durosseau, Jean Baptiste Sr. (I10723)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11178)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11054)
32 (Research):Founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus
legislative sponsor of 1879 Connecticut anti-contraception law 
Barnum, Phineas Taylor (I9139)
33 (Research):Frank's parents are listed as Frank and Lorrenia Semien in the obituary of his son Joseph Johnell Simien (Semien). I have them as Francois Simien (similar to Frank) and Marie Simeonize Joe. Don't know which is correct yet. 9/13/2003 Simien, Frank "Man" (I863)
34 (Research):Geburtsort laut Geburtsurkunde war Jesziorowsken, der später in Seehausen umbenannt wurde. Es gab übrigens zwei Ort mit dem Namen: Jesziorowsken

«b»Information von«/b»
Jesziorowsken ist ein deutscher Ortsname:

Jesziorowsken, 1927 bis 1945 Seehausen, Kreis Angerburg, Ostpreußen, seit 1945: Jeziorowskie (Kruklanki), Dorf im Powiat Gizycki, Woiwodschaft Ermland-Masuren, Polen

Jesziorowsken, 1926 bis 1945 Seedorf, Kreis Lyck, Ostpreußen, seit 1945: Jeziorowskie (Stare Juchy), Dorf im Powiat Elcki, Woiwodschaft Ermland-Masuren, Polen

9. Januar 2020 
Schedlinski, Gustav (I3258)
35 (Research):Gustav Karau schreibt in seinem Bericht, dass Helene am 26. Dezember 1963 in Arholzen gestorben ist, während Ariane Kischel in ihrer e-mail vom November 2005 den Sterbetag als 26. Dezember 1962 und den Sterbeort als Stadtoldenorf angibt. Amling, Helene Antonie (I4618)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1820)
37 (Research):His mother Bertha Goudeaux Simien died when he was about a year old Simien, Peter Joseph Sr (I9237)
38 (Research):His obituary mentions a sister named Amelia Henry, but I'm not sure if she is a daughter of his father or his stepfather, so I left her out for right now. Briscoe, Melvin J. (I1512)
39 (Research):I assume her last name is Jolivette, because the obituary for Madeline Colomb, her daughter, names Abel Jolivette as Madeline's grandfather. Jolivette, Emily "Bee" (I1313)
40 (Research):I didn't add the children mentioned in the obituary, because I don't know which mother to assign to the children. Babineaux, John Clifton (I1454)
41 (Research):I didn't put all his family members in yet, because I don't know how they are related to us. Once we can establish that, the details can be read in the scanned obituary - see the source for Irvin's name. Simien, Irvin J. (I5857)
42 (Research):I don't know if Alexandre is a man or a woman. Anthony Guillory has in his report husband and wife as Alexandre, and so I can't tell who is who. I would like some more information. Allain, Alexandre (I9867)
43 (Research):I don't know if Alexandre is a man or a woman. Anthony Guillory has in his report husband and wife as Alexandre, and so I can't tell who is who. I would like some more information. Renin, Alexandre (I9868)
44 (Research):I don't know where I got the information from that Larry Blalock was born in Juliette, Georgia, USA. But it definetly is wrong because the California Birth Index shows him as born in San Francisco, California, USA Blalock, Larry (I8546)
45 (Research):I'm not sure if Barbara's father is Joseph Elton Brown, Sr. or Walter Colomb, Sr. The obituary is not clear about that! _____, Barbara (I9408)
46 (Research):I'm not sure if Georgia's father is Joseph Elton Brown, Sr. or Walter Colomb, Sr. The obituary is not clear about that! _____, Georgia (I9410)
47 (Research):I'm not sure if JoAnn's father is Joseph Elton Brown, Sr. or Walter Colomb, Sr. The obituary is not clear about that! _____, JoAnn (I9409)
48 (Research):In Anthony Guillory's report some of the information is cut off at the right margin. And so Elina's last name is cut off, it just shows "Ver" so I don't know the whole last name. Ver???, Elina (I9847)
49 (Research):In dem Nachruf wird Charlotte's Nachname als Oschellewski angegeben. Gustav Karau in seinen Aufzeichnungen (ungefähr auf Seite 64) gab ihren Nachneamen mit Olschewski an. Ich bin mir nicht sicher welcher Name der richtige ist, aber eine Suche in Google gibt über 300.000 Seiten mit Olschewski an und keine mit Oschellewski. So nehme ich an, daß Olschewski richtig ist, bis ich eine Urkunde sehe, oder anderweitig eine Bestätigung habe, daß Olschewski falsch ist. Olschewski, Charlotte (I51)
50 (Research):In Father Hebert's book Alphonse's father was noted as "Sonnier"
(SIMIEN, Alphonse (Jean Baptiste SONNIER) m. 22 Jan. 1867 Adeline COLLINS (Opel. Ch.: v. D, #254))
But that's not very likely, Probably a reading error by the transcriber. Very like is Jean Baptiste Simien, married to Marie Louise Led, the father 
Simien, Alphonse (I11299)

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